What To Expect Upon Arrival To Appointment

Skinsational is located inside of Salon Lofts - Kentlands Gaithersburg in a building full of other similar small business' that are individually owned. Because we are located in such a building, there may be a decent amount of noise in the building. We have done our best to try to drown out any surrounding noise to give you a relaxing experience.  

When you arrive, you will take the elevator up to the second floor where you will find Skinsational in loft # 6 down the first hall on the right.
If Kristen (your Esthetician)  is available the sign next to the door will indicate "come in". If a treatment is in session, the sign will indicate "in use". Please do not knock if door is not open, the door will be opened closer to your appointment time. If you arrive early and the door is closed please text 240-449-4805 to let us know you are here and we will let you know as soon as we are ready for you.


Due to my location, there is no access to a front desk receptionist to check you in. Following COVID, you are expected to wait in your car and text 240-449-4805 to let us know you are here. We will let you know when it's ok to come up. 

Once you are greeted, you will be provided with a facial gown to change into before your treatment, I will then be in to ask you some questions regarding your skin and discuss your goals then we will start your treatment. 

Once your treatment is complete, we discuss future appointment options, at home skincare recommendations and answer any further questions you may have. Pre booking your next appointment is essential as the book fills up quickly and it will be harder for you to get into your next appointment. Please note- while pre booking is recommended, do NOT feel pressured to do so if you aren't sure if you will make it in or if you will end up canceling closer to your appointment date because that takes up a spot where someone else that is serious about coming in can be placed. Saying no to prebooking does not offend us in any way.

Our checkout process is easy, you can either use the card you have provided on file, we can swipe a different card or you can pay in cash or Venmo. Cash and Venmo are preferred payment methods. If paying with a card you will be prompted  to sign on screen. A receipt will be sent via either text or email (your preference).